Classic Furniture


Modenese Luxury Interiors, since 1818, designs and manufactures exclusive Italian furniture, which are characterized by impeccable artisanal workmanship, functionality and technical equipment. Choosing our furniture luxury means to select the best quality of interiors and decorations perfect for your royal villa project. Two centuries of history and traditions of classic furniture production and luxury interior design distinguish the evergreen features of baroque style furniture: solid wood as a primary material and an exclusively handcrafted production for all the needs.

The majestic and suggestive furniture luxury branded Modenese Luxury Interiors will make you experience the irresistible feeling of royalty. Our designers take care of the details of your most favourite interiors and our craftsmen create high-end bespoke luxurious furniture. Modenese production provides delightful interiors and exquisite pieces of furniture which reflect its centuries-old history. Our team of professional and highly knowledgeable artisans is here to propose the furniture of your dreams. This is why we represent an excellent opportunity to make your dreams come true!