Bespoke Furniture by Modenese Luxury Interiors – Its all about details

When buying custom fitted furniture for your home, bear in mind that no detail is ever too little, since it is often the smallest details that add the most shine.

While the general structure and placement of your furniture are important, don’t neglect little details such as knobs, decorative moldings, cable holes, and even joints.


At Modenese Luxury Interiors, we appreciate an excellent handle, as do our clients, since it is often the first point of contact between a person and the furniture. As a consequence, it is critical to take the time to choose the ideal handle to match your furniture and home.

Naturally, if you have handles from an earlier piece of furniture or have come across some intriguing ones online, we may include them into the furniture we’re creating. To be really candid, we prefer to design and produce our own handles wherever possible since this is the only way to ensure a perfect fit.


Nothing beats the appearance of tight, interlocking dovetail joints in the drawers and pantry of your custom kitchen. While they are not the easiest items to make, they are well worth the extra effort and cost just a few dollars more. This is the kind of detail that will make you fall in love with your kitchen.

Legs that are noticeable

Legs determine the style of a piece of furniture, whether conventional or contemporary. For years, we’ve been fascinated with twisted legs on castors. That English accent is incredible. They’re just plain enjoyable!


Before we discuss fabrics or anything else, allow us to state the obvious: spend as much money as your budget allows on the finest furniture you can buy. When you’re attempting to stretch your decorating budget, it may be tempting to choose cheap items. However, although poorly constructed furniture may seem to be in excellent shape on the showroom floor, it nearly always disintegrates within a few years, if not sooner.

Selecting fabrics for furniture can be both pleasurable and stressful. You want to invest in something you’ll love for years, since this is a big purchase. Consider how you want to use the item. A dining room chair, for example, should be robust and easy to clean. “Will colors and patterns appeal to me today and tomorrow?” Our choice for sofa coverings is for safer materials, such as solids or very muted patterns. Then, for smaller things such as chairs and ottomans, choose a fabric that is more vibrant or pattern-filled.

Therefore, if you’re considering a custom fitted furniture project, this blog post may help you explore some of the finer points with us or another bespoke furniture maker. And don’t be afraid to get right into the details; after all, it’s the finishing touches that will really bring your showpiece furniture piece to life.

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