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Creating the interior of an apartment or house, the right investment in it requires careful preparation and planning. From the correct choice and skillful combination of style, luxury furniture, exquisite lighting, high quality materials and accessories, and all this must be combined in one interior. Not to mention technological innovations, architectural proportions, engineering, which is not always an easy task even for a professional. The decision is complicated by the huge choice of options of refined furniture presented in the market. And often it takes a lot of time to figure out which materials are right for you.
The designers of Modenese Luxury Interiors will help you to create an interior with a reflection of your worldview, develop a detailed design project and successfully implement it, carrying out professional author’s supervision.

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The dining room is a wonderful place where all family members gather for dinner after a working day. That is why its interior should be comfortable, cozy and attractive. We know how to make the perfect dining room design, and are ready to share our ideas!
We work in different styles and always strive to create something new. We do not stop until we find the best spatial solution.

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Today’s modern living room is a room that receives a lot of natural light. Large or even panoramic windows are often installed for this purpose. Such a room looks spacious.
A very necessary and useful trend, which says that all items located in the room should be made from natural materials. To do this, use many elements made of natural wood and textiles.
When choosing classical furniture for a living room, it is worth taking into account the advantages of using modular furniture, which allows you to expand the functionality of the interior and quickly change the area depending on the situation.

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The bedroom is a special place in the house, where peace, tranquility and love should be present.
That is why bedroom design is one of the most important rooms on the way to creating the best environment in which it would be pleasant to relax.
Of course, light colors are the best solution for a bedroom, but dark and bright colors can also be used to create interesting accents in the interior.
The original bedroom design can be obtained if you use soft upholstery for the walls. Bedroom design can be romantic, strict, laconic, depending on the materials and interior elements you choose.

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A beautiful beige bedroom will set up the owners of the home for a truly high-quality and complete rest. It should be noted that beige is a neutral color. It combines warm notes of brown and slightly cold white. Many people consider this color boring, but if you correctly compose the interior of the room, then you will get a very stylish and harmonious ensemble.
Beige allows you to let go of imagination and experiment with the room. For example, you can turn to both very bright and more neutral pieces of furniture.
Rooms in beige-brown and chocolate colors have a cozy and warm atmosphere. Brown can be either darker or more delicate.

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