Elegant Interior Design For Luxury Villa

Moscow – Russia

Of course, furniture for the living space should fit into the overall interior of the room, be made in the same color scheme, and reflect the tastes and preferences of the owners of the house.
It is important that the design of furniture takes into account all the rules of ergonomics, without losing its visual appeal, and is also combined with various interior items and accessories. It would be great if the console in your living room was able to accommodate a TV or stereo system – in short, all the modern equipment that creates the necessary mood.
The sofa is also an integral part of the living room furniture – the family spends most of their free time on it. Therefore, it must be of high quality and have an attractive design.

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The magnificent staircase in the classical style has become the compositional axis of the mansion. The massive staircase with light marble steps seems light and graceful.
The design of the staircase in the classic style is perfectly combined with the rococò design. During the manufacture, artistic forging is used to create fences. Free sections of fences are additionally decorated with flowers and lace. The material used is metal or wood. The design is both curved and straight.

High-end quality furniture, elegant classic style, luxury dining table. Luxurious villa project in sophisticated unique classic design. Luxury dining room furniture made in Italy with the best quality standards.


The design options depend on the layout. The dining room can be either an independent room or be combined with another room: a living room, a kitchen, or both functional areas at the same time.
Such a combination will require space in order to equip a dining area and a seating area with a sofa and armchairs in one space. The decoration and design of the dining room in this case organically fit into the interior of the living room, emphasizing the unity of style. With the help of decorative partitions, accent color, multi-level lighting, you can designate logical boundaries. An easy way to highlight is to use a soft carpet in the seating area.

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The classic style loves free spaces. Nevertheless, this style is available for small spaces. In this case, the main task of the designer will be to visually increase the area of the room through color design and mirrors.
In classic interior design, you rarely see overtly bright colors. This style is characterized by white and pastel colors, as well as light gray, beige and chocolate, golden and bronze shades.
We are ready to set up your ideal interior with the author’s visualization of our specialists, a comfortable place for life.

Customized furniture project, elegant handcrafted furniture. Classy kitchen with Italian unique and exclusive design. Exclusive traditional furniture manufacturing in Italy.


Classics never get old, do not lose their relevance and are always a sign of sophisticated taste. That is why a classic-style kitchen is a simple, but at the same time, a smart solution that allows you to combine such important properties of this room as practicality, style and comfort.
Most of all, this style is suitable for spacious kitchens – in it you can reveal all the richness and luxury of details.
The combination of beige and brown has always been the most successful option for decorating a kitchen. Due to the fact that these colors have a large number of shades that are successfully combined with each other, an endless scope for imagination is open before designers.

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