Luxurious Villa Design in Muscat, Oman

Details are important to us! Every design of Modenese Luxury Interiors must take extravagance and luxury into account! Luxury details that would be useful and accessible are also not overlooked. We’ve made a ton of gorgeous and incredible designs for many clients! We think that the ideal interior design for a family can be provided by our incredible designers. Modenese Luxury Interiors is available to assist you! We are experts in providing our clients with the most luxurious homes possible. Yes, even a simple area would transform into a gorgeous gold! In order to create a structure with identity, a way of life, and beautiful design, Modenese Luxury Interiors creates a seamless, one-of-a-kind portfolio for both private and commercial spaces.

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Extravagant Hall Design

Amazing gilded decorative plaster stucco moldings of various shapes and forms, which are visible on all the walls and the ceiling, combine to create a compositional center and set the accents in the right place, displaying the room’s classically inspired interior design.

The majlis’s furnishings include magnificent royal blue upholstered sofa sets that are accented with gold details in the interior to create a lovely contrast, exquisite and fashionable coffee tables with marble tops, a contrasting beige motif that is carried out in the room’s wall and ceiling decorations, and magnificent velvet curtains in a delectable light royal blue shade with golden fringing.

The majlis interior is illuminated by a stunning crystal chandelier in the middle of the room, which is complemented by chic wall lamps. Together, these elements combine to create a hospitable, pleasant, and warm environment, making the area suitable for any social or informal gathering.

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Spectacular Majlis Interior Design

The traditional majlis is a gathering area where hospitality was prioritized. From the dawn of time to the height of the silk route, it served as the location for conferences and discussions. Hundreds of years ago, a majlis was often a sizable room with carpets on the floor and cushions against the wall, with a fireplace, where food could be prepared and guests could be entertained. However, times have changed.

Majlis is now thought of as a separate room in the house, one that should be the largest and most inviting. It continues to be the custom for home owners to meet their visitors, have in-depth conversations, and exchange news there.

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Noble Living Room Design

The interior design of the hallway was painstakingly created by our skilled designers at Modenese Luxury Interiors in order to give it an attractive, opulent, fancy, and stylish appearance. The foyer in this house design project serves as a waiting area, a place to unwind, and a place for gatherings. It is situated between the front (hallway) and the living room and acts as both an entrance to the upstairs and a passageway connecting the other rooms.

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