“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” The radiance of the mirrors amplify visually, in every room, the walls and decorates them. Choose now a luxurious mirror realized by Modenese Luxury Furniture: it will literally “welcome” you in your majestic villa hallway. The mirrors, generally, have always added a touch of refinement to all the space interiors. It doesn’t matter which type, could be a floor mirror or a wall luxury mirror, anyway, they expand a feeling of magic into the room. Sleek wood worked carved frames, maybe in gold leaf or silver leaf finish characterized by refined decorative elements will increase the perception of space associated with a specific area.

If the intentions are to give the unique impression of some more spacious and comfortable living areas, the functional and ornamental luxurious mirrors produced by Modenese classic furniture manufacturer are the optimal solutions you were looking for. These would be also interesting centerpiece designs to enhance all the transition areas related to a home furnishing project: from the entrance hallway to the living room and from corridors to bedrooms. High-end quality and creative sense of aesthetics dedicated to our Venetian style and baroque-designed mirrors have always been part of long-term traditional craftsmanship typical of Modenese furniture producer.

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