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You’ve just purchased a new home, and you want it to be both attractive and comfortable. Then the interminable arguments and conversations about how to design and furnish it, as well as trips to stores to select furniture and accessories, begin.

As you move from one store to the next, from one exhibition to the next, you begin to understand that your mind has been overburdened with impressions, styles, epochs, and creators. You’re looking at the examples that have been shown, and you’re looking through a lot of catalogs. Finally, after much deliberation and consideration, you decided on the wallpaper, furniture, and accessories. “Now you can relax,” you reason. But it’s not that straightforward.

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A true designer is analogous to a tuning fork. It adapts to a client, like this little and seemingly simple tool, attempting to grasp and capture his nebulous visions and unformed fantasies, translating them into the language of art. For him, each customer is a fresh book that you must be able to read and comprehend. The consumer, for his part, should collaborate with the designer “in sync” and strive to transmit to him his feeling and vision of the universe. Then he will receive a home that is both snug and comfy. Perfect harmony should be the outcome of the owner of the house and the creator of the project working together.

When you begin working with a designer, keep in mind that life is not a fashion magazine. Remember fashion shows: models of the same height and physique defiling on the catwalk, exhibiting the season’s novelties. But tell me honestly, do you see ladies with such shapes and gaits on a regular basis? Everything around you is diverse and not at all ideal – this is the true beauty. It would be quite dull to be surrounded by individuals who were all the same height, size, and form. Some sort of tin military kit! And you’re unlikely to wear what you saw on the catwalk in real life.

The same can be said about the inside. When a house is too smooth, too good, and too right, it appears to be a museum: you may appreciate it, but you can’t live in it. The right interior always acts as a mirror of the owner’s image, complementing and beneficially representing his personality, similar to how a decent frame framing the artwork helps to see what the artist meant to convey while not drawing all attention to itself. Interiors that are emasculated, lifeless, and “sleek” crush the mind and lead to mental breakdowns have long been seen. The most important aspect of any interior is the breath of life.

It is critical, as expert designers say, to “allow the beauty inside the house, feel it, and live in it.” It is probably no coincidence that in our day of fast technological growth, the major trend in the field of design is a longing for nature. A person intuitively desires what he flees so swiftly. That is why eco-friendly materials, such as the natural beauty of wood and stone, natural textiles, grass, bamboo, jute, and even paper, are becoming increasingly popular.

Living plants are given a lot of attention. And if you are unable or unwilling to construct a winter garden in your house, the designer will offer you an innovative alternative that is becoming increasingly popular – special pots fixed to the floor of the room, where grass and flowers are grown. As a result, no matter what temperature you live in, you will always be greeted at home by a blossoming spring island.

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