The new palace for king of Saudi Arabia by Modenese Luxury Interiors

Each new author’s project of the Modenese Luxury Interiors becomes not just the realization of someone’s dream, but a design idea completed and realized in all its brilliance.

The good old traditions in this are complemented by classic style and bright accents of new fashionable observations. All interior compositions fit perfectly into the architectural space of the luxury palace design for a king in Saudi Arabia. The spirit of respectability and luxury in an aura of romantic mood penetrates every corner of this mansion. The main king`s desire was to create the atmosphere of palatial luxury in the mansion.

A wonderful combination of luxury and romance begins with the interior of a spacious hall. The marble surface of the floors with elegant carved patterns shimmers with charming highlights. The ceiling is outlined with thin golden lines, and deep niches with pale blue illumination visually resemble islands of sky blue, expanding the space.

The cozy living room has become a reflection of truly palatial luxury. And not the last role in this was played by the furniture of the Italian factory Modenese Gastone Interiors. Exquisite patterns, smooth outlines and skillful carved decor with gilding brought a unique charm of respectability and comfort to the palace. Pleasant brown tones of decorative plaster with the texture of natural stone are amazingly combined with the snow-white surface of the ceiling, which was decorated with a luxurious classic chandelier with gracefully curved forged elements. The marble floor with intricate patterns brought a pleasant mood of warmth of home comfort to the interior.

The design of the villa in Saudi Arabia corresponds to the best traditions. Traditionally, the living room is combined with a no less luxurious dining room, in which every meal will invariably be festive and exquisite. A massive table made of natural wood with carved decor is surrounded by high upholstered chairs with a noble posture. Leaf gilding and upholstery made of noble textiles with printed patterns fit perfectly into the interior. The spaces of the living room, dining room and kitchen are clearly demarcated by arched vaults, which are complemented by snow-white pilasters.

The interior of the kitchen is distinguished by a certain restraint and modesty, highlighting the luxurious features of the rest of the mansion. Kitchen furniture made of natural wood is decorated with elegant details of elite fittings. Behind the ivory facades are modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances. The laconicism and elegance of the kitchen interior are complemented by maximum comfort and functionality.

The main decoration of the bedroom was luxurious furniture from the Italian factory Modenese Luxury Interiors. A large comfortable bed with a high headboard is encrusted with exquisite handmade carved decor. Charming bedside tables effectively complement the design of the villa in Saudi Arabia. Designers succinctly continued the image of luxury furniture in the decor of the wall behind the head of the bed. The soft wall panel, which is upholstered in noble silk of a purple hue, looks stylish surrounded by carved decor with gilding. This juicy and bright composition is softly complemented by textile wallpapers in pastel colors that fill the boiserie.

The designers paid special attention to the interior of the home office, where the head of the family spends quite a lot of time. Perfectly organized space with original design solutions is perfect for inspiration and working mood. Despite the severity and special purpose of this room, there is also a special spirit of romance. And this is facilitated by the luxurious decor of the ceiling, which was decorated with a bright stained-glass window with illumination. The furniture of the Italian brand Modenese Gastone Interiors emphasized the elite status of the interior. In the decor of the walls, the designers used beige-colored wallpapers and an array of natural wood of valuable species.

The luxurious interior design of the villa in Saudi Arabia with the noble features of modern classics flawlessly demonstrates the high status and sophistication in the world of luxury palaces. Aesthetic perfection and maximum comfort of the interior every day will give a friendly family a unique and pleasant feeling of home comfort.

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