Classic consoles are elegant and picturesque interior elements which represent a pure ornamental and at the same time functional piece of furniture: Modenese luxury furniture produces beautiful pieces of art to enrich your room spaces. The extensive collection of Modenese bespoke consoles can only be enhanced by its numerous shapes, design proposals, refined materials made rigorously by carved solid wood, graceful marble tops or handmade painted wooden top decorations, elegant marquetry or mother-of-pearl inlays: these elements, all together, when combined with exquisite mirrors will be simply fascinating.

Have a look into our catalogues and you will definitely find the perfect traditional classic luxury console table suitable for your ongoing project, that will let you fall in love! By placing a gorgeous handcrafted console in your living room, your entire home space will be instantly quoted in a new radiance, a touch of elegance, tradition and high-end quality will be able to create an exclusive charming corner area. Moreover, all Modenese Luxury Interiors consoles are personalizable just following your most challenging design ideas.

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