Luxury Royal Residence

London – United Kingdom

Royal palaces and mansions in classical style by Modenese Luxury Interiors. Luxury classic style home décor and interior projects amazingly furnished with handmade decorations, timeless furniture which will make your project unique and magnificently elegant.

Luxury classic villa, royal design and traditional and timeless bespoke furniture. Italian craftsmanship, top quality interiors. Best interior design service.


The stylish design of a living area in a private house cannot be created without taking into account modern fashion trends. What is important nowadays? Pastel shades are popular today. Light shades are the best background for any furniture and décor. A light background is often combined with a small splash of a more expressive color: brown, black, gold.
A good solution is a classic style. The classic is versatile. It will not lose its relevance during the time.

High-end quality, premium standards, luxury furniture design made in Italy. Traditional handcrafted furniture and best classical interior premium living room design projects.


The living room design in a classic style is characterized by elegance and beauty. This interior is characterized by luxury, sophistication combined with comfort, and also have the right proportions and expensive items.
There is a lot of light in this room. A corridor in a classic style is decorated with such decor and coatings that will reflect the light flux and create interesting overflows.
Natural building, finishing and decorative materials are chosen for the design of the spaces. Large mirrors and luxury accessories are installed here.

Elegant interiors, unique elevator design for unique royal classical palaces and villas. High-end materials and best quality furniture made in Italy.


We make people’s everyday life brighter, creating beautiful and luxury interiors in ordinary private offices.
A professional approach to solving the issues of aesthetics. Our finishing, it is high quality standards, practicality and the highest wear resistance of finishing materials, compliance with all best Italian standards.
Conceptual design, the best finishing materials and quality workmanship will make your home office stylish and luxurious.

Bespoke dining room for the most beautiful and elegant projects. Classical Dining Room for stylish project. Exclusive design and unique suggestions for royal residential palaces and villas.


A classic style dining room will always find its fans, because the design of a classic dining room is simplicity of lines, elegance, and most importantly – festive comfort.
Classic dining room interiors tend to be light and golden tones, and here they make up the main color scheme.
The classic-style dining room is generally amazing.
Charm is added to the interior with gilded decorative elements and gypsum ceiling.

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