Neoclassical Residence in New York (USA)

Today, the aesthetic component of interior design is equal to the level of usefulness. It’s just as important to choose an interior style and colour scheme as it is to give a high-quality and functional layout, highlighting functional areas so that all family members can feel at ease. The use of prints, vibrant colours, contrasts, and decor is very important aspects. As a result, the interior becomes more inviting. For the décor and finishing of this spectacular living room project, our expert team of designers used high-quality materials and fashionable textures. One of the key highlights of the interior is the use of exclusive Italian furniture. Thanks to talented interior designers from Modenese Luxury interiors, this house design in New York represents a harmonious balance between details, luxury, and style.

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High-End House Design Idea

The living room and sitting room are the primary rooms in a house or cottage, and they set the tone for the entire interior. The taste of the homeowners is reflected in the living room design. If you construct custom furniture and invite a skilled interior designer in New York, the place will be even more stunning. Do not miss your chance to order the services of our firm — Modenese Luxury Interiors — to ensure that the interior design of your house, apartment, or cottage meets all of your family’s demands while also making an amazing impression on your guests.

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Stunning Living Room Design

If the design is based on the neoclassical style, combining a classic finish and modern decor pieces in the interior is quite acceptable. In this fantastic living room design project, the basic principle of direction is ample space that fills the area with freedom. Beautiful neoclassical design from Modenese Luxury Interiors is intended for those who value their house and understand that while a classic interior is timeless, it can also seem fairly current and stylish. In this project design, soft pastel colours are used for furniture and decorating, with accent components. The light tone of the walls passes to white furniture, which included the sofa group and exquisite curtains in a blue shade. White colour emphasizes the richness of the space, which can be perceived in even the smallest elements.

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Stylish Home Office Design

The use of wooden wall panels in simple geometric forms to embellish the walls of this lovely home office was acceptable solution. Our designers used noble wood colours to create a subtle but fashionable backdrop for the decor.Parquet is a traditional neoclassical floor design that our team has chosen from the highest quality and most durable wood. Built-in lighting fixtures highlight white multi-level ceiling design, which are the finest solution for reflecting neoclassicism in the interior. For a coherent impression of the entire picture, the utilized decorative elements create this outstanding interior design. All of the furnishings are symmetrical and include exquisite, visually light objects and natural-material textures.

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Elegant Dining Room Design Area

Are you ready to make a significant lifestyle in your house? Gorgeous dining room design from Modenese Luxury Interiors can brighten up the space while also enhancing your dining experience. This option is exceptional because it creates an uncommon yet stunning interior. A dining room design from the best interior designers in New York will represent an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. The stunning parquet on the floor adds elegance and beauty to the overall design, making the dining area more personalized and themed to the client’s preferences. The gleaming chandelier creates an atmosphere of comfort and illuminates the space. Because of the dark wood marquetry cabinets, this luxury dining room nevertheless reflects the beauty of nature. Elegant home décor from Modenese Luxury Interiors make the dining experience more pleasant. The dining room has a more opulent sense thanks to the modest yet beautiful vibe.

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