Meeting Rooms

Modenese luxury furniture provides the best solutions in terms of both design and quality dedicated to turnkey projects: get inspired by our rich collection of exclusive custom-made meeting rooms furnished with essential equipment for embassies, parliaments, royal palaces, public and private institutions. Regal conference tables matched to well-refined chairs and armchairs will donate to every boardroom the emblematic traditional look of impressive baroque interiors. One of our specialities is transforming the routine atmoshpere of a “monotonous” meeting room into a sophisticated gathering place to discuss about the most important issues in an elegant, and why not, formal comfortable environment.

In view of the realization of the best meeting room furnishings, Modenese luxury interiors producer focus is to assemble bespoke meeting tables of various shapes and dimensions, fitted into each layout project; these exclusive products will then be enriched with sober and timeless decorations appropriate to a luxury classic boardroom, 100% made in Italy. Taking advantage of secular traditional craftsmanship belonging to our master artisans, woodworking process still remains an exceptional form of art, passed down through generations. Choose Modenese, opt for true quality and the finest materials to realize some unique tailor-made meeting room interiors.

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