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The interior design studio Modenese Luxury Interiors In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia offers services for custom-made furniture manufacturing and installation, including classic and modern kitchens, wardrobes, dressing room furniture, living room furniture, children’s room furniture, bathroom furniture, and office furniture. Italian designers and artisans produce custom furniture, which is built according to your specifications and needs. We can also create furniture based on your ideas, drawings, or images. Custom-made furniture allows us to select the essential design, colours, fittings, and materials for your future furniture, as well as actualize viable and even impossible solutions. Custom-made furniture made in Italy has a significant benefit over furniture that is mass-produced. Modenese Luxury Interiors will help choose the style of the future product, colour, dimensions, equipment, taking into account the harmonious combination with the surrounding interior. The main goal of our turnkey Interior Design projects in Jeddah in is quality and comfort!

Elegant royal customized artisanal kitchen production, refined details all in solid wood. Handmade carved kitchen structure, bespoke artisanal furniture production.Custom-made solid wood tables, refined handmade joinery and boiserie.

Bespoke Italian Furniture For Elegant Kitchen Project

Classic is also dependable since it is composed of high-quality materials and is functional because it is required to think about it for it to last for millennia. Kitchen furniture is primarily built of wood, ideally hardwoods such as oak, ash, maple, hornbeam, and beech, because the kitchen is the room with the largest functional purpose. There are numerous materials available today that are ideal for classic kitchen design images. The color scheme is dominated by basic white and cream tones, with wood as the primary material. These kitchens are great in creating an atmosphere of harmony and comfort because they are designed in the classic style. Bright colors, sophisticated light furniture and floors, sophisticated patterns, huge windows in delicate frames, porcelain dinnerware and decor are all hallmarks of the style. Furniture built of light materials with glass and wood accents.

Traditional handcrafted furniture made in Italy and best interior design projects in baroque style. Turnkey interior design projects in Jeddah.

Bespoke High-End Kitchen Design Idea

The traditional luxury kitchen in classic style and refined glamour will attract people who value wealthy confidence and refined taste. Furniture for a traditional kitchen is made of wood and fine upholstery materials, with curved tables, chairs, and cabinets. Finishing materials such as veneer or pricey washable wallpaper with a floral or geometric pattern are appropriate for this area. Curbs, panels, mouldings, or boiserie: panels of wood can be used to embellish the walls of a classical kitchen – this is a luxury kitchen choice. This wall decoration will add a touch of aristocracy to your kitchen! Classical kitchen design from Modenese Luxury Interiors – is luxurious high-end space, when beauty and quality combined with a well thought-out interior.

Bespoke tailor-made projects for classic villas and palaces. Luxury Majlis Design. Best interior designers in Jeddah

Luxury Arabic Majlis Interior Design

Best interior designs for luxury homes in Jeddah include typical Arabic Majlis Interior Design. The East’s beautiful cultural traditions are connected with warmth and generosity. And Majlis design wonderfully highlights the owner`s hospitality. The interior design of a Majlis is a mix of classical and oriental elements.
Furniture plays an important role in Majlis interior design. Indeed, homeowners and their guests should feel at ease in this area. Handmade carved design is inlaid on many soft sofas and armchairs. The interior designers used coffee tables with carved legs to make this picture more expressive and gorgeous. This emphasis draws attention to the house’s dignity.

Bespoke interiors for the most beautiful and elegant private projects. Majlis Design Jeddah. Luxury furniture of high-quality made in Italy

Classic Majlis Design For Villa in Jeddah

Harmony, symmetry, and only natural and high-quality materials define the Luxury Majlis in Jeddah in the classic style from Modenese Luxury Interiors. Finishing materials, furniture, color palette, decorations, and accessories are all affected. When creating a Luxury Majlis, remember that this style of decor although rich, but does not like congestions. It would be wrong to have too many details or accessories. Everything must be strong and respectable here, and every aspect, even the tiniest, is chosen with care, because it is the details that make the big picture.

Walls can be finished in a variety of ways in addition to wood. Instead of vivid color, the focus is on quality and texture. Another alternative is to decorate the walls with pastel-colored paints. Moldings and other bulky components can be used.If the space is large enough, it can be embellished with columns and half-columns to create the feeling of a truly magnificent palace.

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