Government Office

Exclusive and elegant governmental projects by Modenese Luxury Interiors. Decorate your project with the customized products handmade in Italy with the best quality and unique French classic style. Fit out, furniture layout study and project realization by Modenese interior design team. Majestic and classy governmental projects such as worldwide embassies and presidential executive office projects.

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Governamental luxury projects both embassies and presidential executive offices customized as per client’s specific requests. Starting from the proposal, our interior design team will select the best designs for your tailor-made project with exclusive, luxury furniture and royal fit out realization. Classy meeting tables, baroque elegant office desks and comfortable classic armchairs will make your governmental project unique and stylish.

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Are you looking for the best Italian design fit out project? Modenese Luxury Interiors is ready to offer you only the best for the most luxurious boiserie wooden panels, classic doors and custom-made parquet designs. Elegant fit out design suitable for a majestic governmental project. Presidential executive offices and embassies represented by high-end made in Italy quality and traditional baroque design. Our interior design team will provide you with the best selection for ceiling, floor, walls decorations and doors for a royal and elegant fit out project realization.

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Modenese Luxury Interiors governmental office projects furniture design includes a top selection for worldwide embassies, presidential bureau and exclusive executive offices furnishing ideas. Classic and luxury furniture designed by our expert team and handmade produced by our skilled artisans 100% made in Italy. Bespoke meeting and conference tables, desks, sofa sets and armchairs to create the best quality and design for your sophisticated governmental furnishing project. Our interior design service will create royal spaces for elegant governmental ambiences.

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Exclusive governmental projects may be completed by unique and accurately selected bespoke accessories. Our team will assist you to choose the best made in Italy custom-made accessories to complete your classic office project with the most suitable ornamental elements and decorative items such as special chandeliers, frames and handmade paintings, personalized logos, initials and special inlays. Modenese governmental office projects are distinguished by great attention to details and sophisticated materials with the unique made in Italy quality standards. Traditional and timeless design furniture for the most exclusive office projects.

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