Elegant Interior Design For Villa In Dubai, UAE

How classic luxurious design looks like can be studied on the example of this very beautiful and stylish villa in Dubai. Delicious colors, always classic wall decor elements, Italian furniture of exquisite and unique shapes, unusual lamps. It seems to be the perfect mix of old and new. Only the Italian team at Modenese Luxury Interiors do that!

Luxurious and sophisticated home design for lavish and stylish lifestyle, perfect for those who seek a dream home.This modern house design creates luxury and sophistication with a contemporary flair.

Amazing Living Room Design Idea

Laconically elegant and luxurious – it is immediately noticeable that this magnificent interior of a house in the suburbs of Dubai was created for wealthy people with excellent taste. The exterior of the house is impressive at first sight. The interior design only continues the impression of the exterior – inside you can see royal rich shades, sophisticated modern pieces of furniture and decor, spacious rooms flooded with daylight. Wonderful, isnt it?

Sophisticated Dining Room Design

A large and cozy dining room has always been a sign of hospitality, so it is important to consider not only the layout and design constructive techniques, but also pay attention to interior details and decor, for example, the choice of dishes, tablecloths, napkins, ornamental plants or even candles. It is also important to place accents in the interior design of the dining room with the help of lighting, while creating a festive or romantic atmosphere. The portfolio of design projects from Modenese Luxury Interiors presents original design options for different dining room styles.

Fabulous Dining Room Furniture Made In Italy

The centerpiece of the dining room is the table. It should be durable, suitable for daily active use. Large selection of dining tables in classic style you can find here at Modenese Luxury Interiors. Accessories play a big role. Tablecloth, flowers, vases give the dining area an appeal. The chandelier above the dining table also defines spatial relationships, especially in large rooms: a prominent chandelier in an unusual shape or color emphasizes the special role of the dining table, and in the evening creates a cozy atmosphere, illuminating only the dining room.

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