Dressing Room Design For House in Abuja, Nigeria

A well-designed walk-in closet should make you feel as if you’re walking into your own small boutique, complete with all of your wonderful clothes and accessories on display. This not only makes dressing more enjoyable, but it also makes it much easier—gone are the days of digging through a drawer for a favorite shirt only to find it wrinkled. Follow these design ideas to create a beautiful and useful area you’ll like, whether you’re building a new closet from scratch or looking for ways to update your current one.

Stunning Dressing Room Design

A closet island is simply a dresser built into your walk-in closet that, like a kitchen island, can serve many tasks. Custom closet islands can be outfitted with drawers for jewelry and watches, lingerie, stockings, and underwear. The countertop is a helpful surface for folding or organizing clothing, as well as keeping newly purchased items. Power may also be accessible on the island for charging phones, smart watches, and other small electronic devices.

Elegant Lighting For Walk In Closet

A closet should have at least three types of lighting: above recessed lighting for general illumination, integrated LED lighting under or behind shelves and racks to highlight accessories, and a stunning chandelier for personality and atmosphere. If you have a dressing table, you will also want dedicated lighting.
A full-length mirror (with enough lighting) is essential in every dressing room, whether it has a single mirror, mirror-covered cabinets, or a mirror-covered wall. If your walk-in closet is on the small side, a large mirror may assist give the illusion of more space.

Master Dressing Room Design

A dressing table with a vanity mirror isn’t absolutely necessary—after all, cosmetics, perfumes, and other grooming supplies are readily housed in the walk-in closet—but once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one. For a vanity that demands excellent lighting, consider LED sconces with adjustable brightness and color temperature. You’ll also need a little stool to sit on while working at the vanity.

Walk In Closet Decoration

Finally, once you’ve settled on the layout of your closet, you may incorporate some aesthetic elements. This will very definitely begin with grouping related things by style and color, and will later develop to add prized framed images, bright books, fresh flowers, or, if you have the wall space, a piece of art. You might also display a beloved piece of clothing on an old mannequin, or place a lovely rug in the center of the room.

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