Classical Style Home Office Design – Lagos, Nigeria

One of our interior design studio’s benefits is that we treat each consumer as an individual.When establishing an office space design project, we take into account all of the clients’ needs and desires. Because we extensively evaluate all of the rooms and take into account the smallest aspects of each room. The plans for future offices that we design are original and inimitable.On our website, you may learn more about the services we offer and see examples of our previous work.

We use three major principles to design the ideal interior:

  • Colors, textures, and materials are all combined in a pleasing way.
  • The ideal layout for your room
  • Using high-end materials
Refined classic style, exclusive design office furniture. Bespoke office interiors for the most luxurious private projects.

Bespoke office interior design

Office interiors are important areas for every luxury house. When it comes to office design, the interior designers understand the perfect line between home comfort and work environment, and how they can both contribute to a productive creative process. Of course, the office style must match the general design concept of the house. If the interior of the house is in a classic style, the office design follows the rules of noble and aristocratic features. The ceiling made of wood and the furniture is upholstered in leather fabrics. Original and colorful décor ideas and furniture arrangements characterize the luxury workplace environment, while staying compact and restrained. To create the ideal environment for creativity and great ideas, where nothing interferes with the flow of thought but only fosters creativity and brilliant ideas. Luxury Office Design from Modenese Luxury Interiors is always a great complement for its owner’s personality.

Elegant office project, Italian furnishing, unique executive desk ideas, best quality office furniture made in Italy

Italian style classic furniture office

Unique premium Italian office furniture is typically used to design top management offices, meeting rooms, and reception areas where it is important to maintain a market-leading image. The interior design company in Nigeria Modenese Luxury Interiors offers top Italian office furniture made in Italy that will complement even the most opulent and fashionable interiors. Modenese Luxury Interiors offers premium offices that may meet the most demanding clients for those who value exclusivity and want to make their workplace as comfortable as possible. Our experts will select a premium-class executive office for you from Italy based on your requirements.

Luxurious majestic presidential office projects for royal villa, classic custom-made offices made in Italy

Elegant furniture for presidential office

Elite class offices are a work of art, the result of prominent designer imaginations, who create gorgeous forms – the “golden section” of office style – with meticulous attention to the smallest details. It takes a long time to create design projects and assemble premium class offices, so they are as high-quality as a suit cut to individual measurements by a renowned tailor. If the normal office furniture for an office manager is a collection of things – a table, an armchair, and a sofa – then choosing a premium class office allows you to purchase office furniture with a unique design made specifically for this office.If you consider everyday luxury to be the norm, we will assist you in realizing all of your visions for the ideal workplace.

Unique artisanal Italian furniture manufacturing, classic home office design, luxury handmade furniture from Italy

Exclusive Italian office furniture

This office interior was created for a distinguished owner of a luxury home in Nigeria. The client entrusted the project to famous designers from Modenese Luxury Interiors. It was a very interesting interior design project because it required a unique approach and great attention to detail. It was important to emphasize the presentability of the owner of the house. Visitors are mainly admired for the dignity and respectability of the office interior. To create a comfortable atmosphere in the office, a classic style was chosen for the project. The design of the office in Nigeria emphasizes the excellent quality of services of Modenese Luxury Interiors.

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