Classical Interior Design Project For Villa In Doha, Qatar

Luxurious and noble, elegant and charming classic style is perfect for bedroom interior. This style will give you peace and comfort, while emphasizing the status and refined taste.  The classic-style bedroom impresses with its elegance and discreet luxury, which intelligently emphasizes this functional area. It uses stucco, natural wood furniture, blotches of gold, expensive textiles made from natural materials. Designers at Modenese Luxury Interiors skillfully turn classic interiors into the epicenter of comfort and tranquility

Gorgeous classical bedroom design with gold accents, a tufted bed frame, and stunning chandelier for luxury and opulence.

Perfect Interior Design Idea For Classical Bedroom

Perfect symmetry, where objects are a reflection of each other, is one of the criteria for building a classic style. To do this, determine the compositional center, and then place all the decors around it. In the bedroom, the semantic center, of course, is the bed. On the sides I install cabinets, lamps, decorate the walls with paintings and mirrors in baguette frames, beautiful floor vases. The placement of all items corresponds to the selected axis of symmetry. The composition at the same time looks holistically and harmoniously.

Interpretation of blue in the classical bedroom interior

The interior design of the bedroom in blue tones will make your room unforgettable and cozy, despite the fact that blue tones are classified as cold. Blue symbolizes space, purity, peace and quiet. One can only dream of such an atmosphere in the bedroom. In addition, this color is rich in shades, each of which is endowed with a certain optical effect. The lighter part of the spectrum always visually increases the volume of space. Therefore, these tones are a real find for the design of small rooms. The dark part of the spectrum, on the contrary, compresses it, which means that large spacious bedrooms cannot do without these tones. By slightly dimming the brightness of the lighting, and bringing the walls closer together, they can really make the room cozy.

Classical decor and interior decoration for bedroom

Italian boiserie panels, expensive fabrics, richly decorated furniture – classic-style bedrooms always amaze with grace, nobility and an abundance of elegant details. Such a room may look like a luxurious palace apartment, or it may demonstrate the restrained aristocracy and respectability inherent in the English classics. And since stylistic transparency is relevant for today’s interior fashion, modern decor, as well as elements in the art deco, baroque and provence styles, can also be integrated into a classic interior.

Spectacular textile décor for classical bedroom

Curtains with elegant piping and tiebacks, figured lambrequins with fringes, bedspreads trimmed with cords and frills, numerous decorative pillows, handmade silk carpets – the richer the textile decor in a classic bedroom, the better. At the same time, it is worth remembering that fabrics should be natural, dense, with a noble matte sheen, rich texture or complex pattern. The ideal solution would be silk, jacquard, velvet, velor, taffeta – such textiles drape well, forming beautiful folds and tails. And to create multilayer design compositions for windows, in combination with dense textiles, you can use light translucent fabrics, such as chiffon or organza.

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