Classic Villa Design

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The classic style of interior decoration has always been and will be in fashion. Different countries have their own national characteristics of its interpretation, but the main characteristic features of this stylistic concept are the same. The apartments, furnished in the classicism style, are characterized by aristocracy, combined with comfort and a homely atmosphere. The classic is characterized by the use of exclusively natural materials such as stucco, wood, precious metals, stone. Yes, today there are many plastic elements on the market, stylized as classics, but when using them, you will not be able to create a truly classic interior.

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The timeless, solemn and noble classic style is ideal for bedroom decoration. With its help, you can easily create an environment conducive to comfortable rest, while emphasizing your good taste, bright personality and financial viability.
Plaster moldings, expensive fabrics, high-end furniture – classic-style bedrooms always amaze with grace, nobility and an abundance of elegant details. Such a room can look like a luxurious palace apartment, or it can demonstrate the restrained aristocracy and respectability characteristic of the English classics.

High-end quality, bespoke bedroom customized fixed furniture interiors. Italian handmade interiors. Bespoke interior design project.


Translated from Latin, “”classicus”” means exemplary. This is exactly what the classic interior is – the symmetry of the golden ratio, ideal proportions and antique splendor reign in it. The impeccably decorated room resembles palace apartments with their exquisite decoration, where every detail is an integral part of a single ensemble.
A characteristic feature of the classics is aristocratic restraint. Everything is dominated by soft natural colors, shaded by the glitter of precious metals.

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In a classic style, the dressing room can be very sophisticated and very aesthetic. Various colors can be used here – beige with gold, beige with blue accents, dark wood with scarlet nuances and many other options. Dressing room interior design also has the right to be fun. A symphony of textures and facades, beautiful details and an unusual form of furniture can be present in this area.
And it is very important to give this place a comfortable, finished look in a certain stylistic solution of the interior.

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Elegant and respectable classic design creates a stable image of success and prosperity.
Living rooms and entrances in classic style look very solid, therefore they are popular among people of high social status. This happens because the classics combine sophistication and respectability with home comfort. This style works well for medium and large sized rooms.
Chic and luxury should be seen in all elements of decoration, combining and forming an atmosphere of sophistication and aristocracy in the interior.
The details perform a special function, each thing that complements the interior must stand in its place and perform a specific function.

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