Classic House Interior Design in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

If you drew your own palace in your fantasies, it was most likely similar to this royal living room. Baroque, rococo, and classical styles all coexisted here. Modenese Luxury Interiors Company has created a project for an upscale villa in a traditional style. Every room in the mansion exudes beauty, richness, and splendor. The ornate design on the walls, ceilings, and flooring is in keeping with the best traditions of these three forms.

Luxurious classic interior design highlights the beauty of grandiose elements in an exquisite house in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Original, beautiful classic interior with gypsum stucco

Refinement, grandeur and luxury of stucco are undeniable. The presence of such elements makes the design unique, memorable.Stucco decoration is an important component of the architectural interior of the solution or the facade of the building. With the help of competent competent stucco molding, you can solve structural and spatial problems, as well as apply the style of a room or facade.
It is the elements of stucco decorative effect that make your home truly exclusive.

Gorgeous Interior Design Styling

The living room’s interior space benefits from high ceilings. Designers were able to use lavish ornamentation such as stucco, gilding, and ornate plaster at this time. The best elegant alternative for such spaces is a combination of whiteand gold. The boiserie is loaded with magnificent motifs of artistic painting on the walls.Sofas and armchairs are covered in fine textiles in light hues with printed embellishments made of precious wood. A stunning chandelier with crystal pendants illuminates the area.

Top Interior Design Company in Saudi Arabia

This royal luxury villa interior is filled with the most luxurious design solutions in every room. Look out for the detailed design and stylish paneling of the wonderful walls and plaster work filled with extreme elegance and style.Entering a luxurious villa with a royal interior, everyone will be amazed at how wonderfully the lobby is filled with the most amazing interior items. Our team designed and installed a custom crystal chandelier suspended from a breathtaking ceiling art and gypsum elements. This area is filled with luxurious interior design, with a glamorous design staircase as a special element. The high ceiling is decorated with artistic carvings and carpentry elements, and the villa is also characterized by its wall decorations, huge stylish windows, luxurious furnishings.

Royal Interior Luxury Villa

The interior of a luxurious royal villa is indeed full of design intricacies that require a high level of dexterity that only professionals can do, and Modenese Luxury Interiors presented wonderful presentations and implementations of the interior design of a luxurious royal style villa. The choice of furniture and decor was made personally by the owner, and we helped the client by providing him with the best advice and advice to achieve the best design with balance in all spaces.

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