Details are the key of luxury quality furniture. At Modenese Luxury Interiors we manufacture handmade furniture with golden leaf details and hand painted decorations, custom made from the design by our expert team to the best final luxury exclusive product.

handmade traditional wooden furniture decoration solid wood inlays ornamental furnishing decorative quality Italian style made in Italy interior design decorating living hand painted manufacturing quality artisans craftsmanship Venetian style


Our traditional furniture production, since 1818, is fully handmade with old-century experience and top quality.

handmade decoration traditional Venetian paintings lacquered colors made in Italy paint solid wood oak walnut colorful home decoration craftsmanship artisanal production interior design décor baroque French style


Master artisans hand paint solid wood and create real art pieces to decorate classical homes. We customize each piece of furniture according to the client’s taste and ideas.

gold leaf application 24k master artisans handmade luxury Italian furniture production customized art pieces details interior design royal villa residential palace luxurious golden decoration


Modenese Luxury Interiors produces top quality golden leaf handmade plated furniture. The process consists on applying golden leaf on solid wood. This provides a luxurious and baroque touch.

gold silver Swarovski metals precious materials quality premium fabrics Italian decoration luxury furniture production handmade in Italy artisanal spirit baroque details home décor rococo timeless designs interior design ideas refined taste quality control standards


Our expert team will guide you towards the choice of the best materials for your furniture, from the fabrics to precious metals.

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