Noble Apartment Design in London

The design of the apartment in London is made in a modern style with slight charming inclusions of Art Deco. Laconic forms and lines of the interior fascinate with a sense of harmony, which begins to envelope from the corridor space and continues in all the rooms. The interior design is based entirely on the character traits of the owner of the apartment. Its delicate charm, exquisite taste and understanding of beauty perfectly reflects this author’s design project apartment.

Noble Apartment Design in London from Modenese

Laconic forms and lines in the hall favorably emphasizes the architectural layout of the apartment. Luxury design of the apartment in London corresponds to the elite status of this housing. In the hallway floors of natural marble practical interspersed with a natural tree. The light shades of floors, walls and ceiling are exquisitely emphasized by shades of dark chocolate in the door trim. The interior design includes elements of effective decor in the Art Deco style. Thus the hall is decorated with a smart mirror and a charming soft column with a pouf at the base.

The interior designer, uses a light range of shades to create a bright sunny mood in the apartment. The delicacy and sophistication of the hallway continues harmoniously in the living room interior. The design of the living room epitomizes perfect comfort with luxurious notes. The large windows are decorated with curtains made of natural silk shade of cocoa and milk. Light precious wood on the floor stylishly combines with the velvet upholstery of the furniture. The furniture in the style of light classics emphasizes the elegance and respectability of the interior. The interior design of the apartment in London is complemented by technological accents in the form of a modern fireplace and accents of LED lighting. In the ceiling decor beautifully coexist elegant massive chandelier in the Art Deco style and modern ceiling lamps.

Kitchen design most of all corresponds to the modern style with all its charms of a perfect and functional comfort. Laconic outlines of the furniture artfully veil the latest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances. A separate space by the window is occupied by the luxurious dining area. Here the interior designers have underlined the cordial and hospitable nature of the apartment owner. A large table is surrounded by comfortable upholstered chairs with a noble posture. A highlight of living room interior design was a large three-dimensional panel with snow-white lace carved patterns in a frame of dark natural wood.

The accents of art deco in the living room was a mirror panel with facet, which visually expanded the space, adding to the interior of cheerful mood and bright colors. The luxury interior design of the apartment in London has turned out elegant and elegant with a unique appearance of luxury in the spirit of modernity. The result has surpassed all her expectations and the interior has become a wonderful embodiment of the dream of a cozy and luxurious island of their own among the bustling metropolis.

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