Modenese Luxury Interiors Contract Division is a part of the company that has been formed to pursue one big mission: satisfying the clientele about the choice of their luxury interiors. For this purpose, we have an internal group of technicians at a high level such as designers, architects, and specialized craftsmen who work together to offer turnkey solutions to the most demanding customers. 

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We guarantee a 360° service that consists of several parts. First of all, our professionals delineate the project with the customer; accuracy is essential, particularly at the beginning: besides technical skills, there are some aspects which are crucial even if less practical, and have to be taken into account.

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Modenese Luxury Interiors is always accurate in listening and interpreting the clients’ needs, preferences, culture, and how these things influence the choice of his/her customized luxury furniture. The taste of the customer has to be reflected into the bespoke furniture design and, to do that, he/she has to be provided with complete assistance.

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The main aim of Modenese Luxury Interiors Contract Division is to offer real support to the client, in order to translate his/her dreams into their best representation of reality, where reality stands for luxury, high-end Italian interior design. Once drawn the detailed plans of the setting, the Contract Division schedules the execution of the works: they take care of the logistic management and arrange the transports, constantly check the quality of the products, and remain at their disposal for any advice. Each piece of furniture is handmade and tailored, to mold the customer’s wishes into real exclusive design.

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The last step of the process is the final installation, within the check of the custom-made furniture. Modenese Luxury Interiors Contract Division is an expert in the shell and core work of a wide variety of structures: from private- modern or classic- villas to the auditorium, from lobbies to clubhouses, from restaurants and bar to conference rooms, halls, man majlis, and woman majlis and much more. Each request can be personalized, maintaining high quality for the entire luxury refined design and giving it the sophistication of Italian furniture style.

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