Interior Design in Dubai

We highlight interior design as a separate area, as this beautiful city itself is something special and unique. Dubai is called the city of the future and interior design of Modenese Luxury Interiors reflects the future in the era of luxury and comfort. That mood of a luxurious city that is buried in lush greenery, surrounded by beautiful mountains, with beautiful buildings and wide streets, reflects every design of the studio. The design of the facade of a house, the interior design of luxury flats in Dubai is always in harmony with these accents. For the legendary and beautiful city, we create legendary masterpieces that fit neatly into this world of luxury and sophistication.

Interior Design in Dubai

The design of the house is always in tune with the latest trends and is completely dedicated to the wishes and dreams of our esteemed customers. This city is renowned for its warmth and hospitality. Every home design reflects these qualities. Guests are always welcome in the house and are ready to give them the very best. Spacious halls, living rooms, home spa areas, hammams, hookah rooms, sitting areas by the fireplace, open terraces, charming children’s rooms, seductive bedrooms, gourmet kitchens, functional dressing rooms, comfortable offices. These are all part of the same whole, the image of the ideal home, which we create without ever repeating itself. Each interior is unique, each home is unique in its beauty.

Interior design includes a service such as architectural design. We will create a masterpiece for you, which will decorate the city and become the pride of more than one generation of your family. We provide the best, based on our grand, long and successful experience in creating luxury homes and flats, and their subsequent implementation. We necessarily take into account the possibilities of the latest technology, superimposing it on the beautiful traditions of each style. In vogue in the modern age is intelligent luxury, where comfort and coziness are elevated to an absolute value. Each author’s home design takes into account the habits, hobbies and passions of each family member. Very often, the design of the executive office, in which the head of the family often spends a lot of time, plays a huge role in the project. And we create the ideal environment for work and inspiration with luxurious decor, cleverly combining the warmth of home and the work environment.

Interior design also quite often includes the design and planning of swimming pools, hammams and complete home spa areas. Here interior design is very closely linked with engineering design. We have a team of highly skilled professionals working in all areas. And everything we create for our valued customers is flawless in its aesthetic form and internal content.

For the young heirs of the family, we offer designer children’s interiors, which will become the ideal environment for a child to live in and contribute to their harmonious development. New Age luxury is splendour with a touch of sophistication and elegance. Sensual and aesthetic pleasure, these are the emotions evoked by the interiors of Modenese Luxury Interiors.

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