Furniture as the main accent in the interior. 10 photo examples

Furniture in the interior – this is such a capacious concept, with the help of which you can reveal the whole idea of design of this or that interior. Very often furniture items become the main accents, around which the entire design concept is built. And the decor of walls, floors, curtains, trim materials and color palette serve as beauty enhancers and ways to create an artistically expressive image. We offer 10 photo examples of interior decoration with furniture, which became the main accents.

1) Her Royal Majesty Bed

Italian furniture makers have achieved such skill that the piece of furniture is comparable to a work of art. The bed itself is the main element of the bedroom interior.

Her Royal Majesty Bed

And when it is supplemented with a soft headboard with inlaid woodcarving with gilding and beautiful bedspreads, then all the other elements of the decor become a beautiful facet of the main diamond. In this example, the beautiful curtains and silk wallpaper with damask ornaments were such elements.

2) Upholstered chairs for warm moments

This example presents an unusual way to use upholstered chairs. This is not a home dining room or part of the living room interior.

Upholstered chairs for warm moments

It is a version of a meeting area in a showroom design studio. A round table surrounded by beautiful upholstered chairs initially configures on openness and sincerity in communication, on pleasant emotions and cordial atmosphere.

3) Upholstered furniture as a shading moment

In this example the leading role was taken by the two aspects of the interior. Upholstered furniture and art painting. This is a very interesting option, when two equally strong elements complement each other.

Upholstered furniture

The juicy colors of the paintings on the wall are enhanced by the wine-red velvet upholstery of the sofa and armchairs.

4) Elements of functional beauty

In addition to aesthetic perfection, the main goal of any interior is absolute comfort. Furniture items such as dressers and bedside tables quite rarely become the main accents. But try to arrange the interior without them.

And everyone will immediately notice the absence. In this version, elegant white furniture items with exquisite fittings have become a graceful addition to the comfort and functionality of the bedroom.

5) Wall decor and furniture as a whole

As beautiful and perfect as this sofa from the Italian manufacturer was on its own. But by complementing it with a background with beautiful wall decor, you can increase the effect of the beauty of the furniture many times over.

The beautiful silk upholstery with printed ornaments continues harmoniously with silk wallpaper with an abstract pattern. And the elements of carved decoration with gilding echo the decorative painting.

6) Textile paneling as a way to enhance the beauty of the furniture

Upholstered furniture in combined upholstery of bordeaux velvet and brocade with lush floral ornaments looks even more bright and saturated against the wall decor.

A textile panel of velvet with a shallow ducking in large rhombuses and mirror inserts has become visually a kind of frame for an artist’s picture, with a luxurious upholstered sofa as the picture.

7) Furniture in the kitchen interior

Already from the first second of viewing this photo you and yourself will determine the main accent in the interior. It is quite unusual and non-trivial, when in the general rich decor and surroundings of the kitchen furniture, the main accents are the soft chairs near the bar. This interior owes to the interesting upholstery with a large geometric ornament.

Wide and narrow vertical stripes of bright colors on the fabric give the interior an interesting touch of extravagance, making the prim classic a bit frivolous.

8) Armchairs for the bedroom

Our bedroom is always a nook for relaxing and restful relaxation. When space allows, we always try to make this rest multifaceted. When in the bedroom we not only indulge in sweet dreams, but also spend time alone and sitting on a comfortable sofa or armchair.

This version presents a set of bedroom furniture in the form of a round coffee table and two luxurious armchairs. The virtuoso work of Italian furniture makers has made these pieces of furniture really the main accents.

9) Furniture for the nursery

In this example, the two children’s beds are the undisputed leaders in interior design. The upholstered headboards upholstered in picturesque textiles look wonderful with the carved decor elements.

Designers gracefully continued the motifs of the furniture with a wavy line in the decor of the wall behind their headboards. The smooth curves of the line invisibly repeat the curves of the carvings.

10) Mirror and console table

The mirror has a special role in the interior. It visually expands the space, makes it brighter and more versatile. If the mirror is dressed in a beautiful carved frame with gilding, then such an object in the interior will add to it a gloss and royal luxury. Very often interiors in the classical style, and in particular the hallway is complemented by a combined version of the mirror and console. The highlight of this example was the table top made of natural onyx.

Furniture has long gone beyond the mundane and a simple item of our everyday life. Therefore, the choice of furniture in the interior should be approached with special attention.

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