Elegant Arabic Majlis room

In the Middle East, the Majlis is a customary meeting venue. Because guests are always present, it should be a nice and calming environment. Modenese Luxury Interiors’ top architect in Abu Dhabi develops a classic and contemporary majlis. Their designs adhere to a classic and conventional aesthetic. They add a twist to make it seem more modern while retaining the classic Arabic flavor.

One of the main places in an Arabic home is the luxurious Arabic Majlis. One of the beauties in this traditional area is the geometrical design, which lends depth to the Majlis. It is fully equipped with exquisite furnishings and Mashrabiya-patterned walls. The powder blue hue gives it a more relaxed air, which is just what this area needs. It should be a welcoming environment for all guests, as well as for all gatherings and assemblies.

The Modenese Luxury Interiors team will design the Majlis of your dreams. Their designs and style will catch your visitors’ attention and have an influence how they perceive the traditional area. The team’s competence exerts efforts and more style that stands out, which is distinct from the rest of your property. The firm will develop you, and your ideal concepts, and make them into reality.

The greatest architectural business in Abu Dhabi will provide you with the best interior designs that will leave your visitors speechless, from Majlis to living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Making a house seem “lived in” may be a difficult task, particularly if space can be efficiently assumed control by the appearance of nonexclusive innovation. Regardless, the challenge for the team at Modenese Luxury Interiors was to figure out how to merge a unique Arabic character into space while still bringing the outside in. The result is a well-planned space that makes use of shared view corridors, cultivates settings, outstanding ventilation, and distinctive light while displaying a preference for indigenous materials and a respect for traditional Arabic architectural points of interest.

The apartments have a traditional and beautiful appearance. Modenese Luxury Interiors created patterned walls with large voids, which the company claims are ideal for our hot and humid environment. Long shades are anticipated to protect window and division openings from the effects of “warm rise,” also known as the amount of vitality a substance retains. Slip-resistant floor tiles that have been buffed but not polished ensure security in a variety of climates. The front door of a house can be highlighted as a foreshadowing of things to come because it is one of the key articulations that guests will observe. The doorway was ornamented with designs in vertical layouts for this occasion. Rather than constructing a single structure, the walls were divided into various structures by the use of exquisite materials. The furniture in the living area has been specially chosen for the customer. Ancient Muslim furniture is also intriguing in the dwelling region.


When creating an exquisite yet traditional space, it’s critical to consider how to honor culture while adhering to the appearance and feel that the customer and designer agreed upon. The illustrations on the divider were created by well-known artists. Ceilings may add aesthetic interest for certain areas of the house. The area can be built halfway between the dining room and the bedrooms to accommodate guests. This not only delineates zones but also gives additional lounge areas for visitors to use before dinner.

Tables that are well-designed are employed as extra storage areas as well as receptacles for accents and knickknacks. Regardless of a few situations in Dubai and around the United Arab Emirates, Modenese Luxury Interiors remains anchored and conscious of local and global endeavors and remains sure that clients will continue to come every day.

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