In current day and age, a dressing room is not a sign of wealth or rank, but rather an absolute necessity. You may conserve space by removing cabinets from other rooms with its assistance. Clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and hats may all be found in the changing room.

Tall and spacious shelves that blend seamlessly into the interior design of this lovely master dress room by Modenese Luxury Interiors  in modern classic style will aid in the organization of any number of garments and shoes. There is always excellent order in the dressing room with closed wardrobes. To ensure that the design of this practical space does not clash with the overall design of the property, our Modenese Luxury Interiors designers outfitted it with wardrobes with facades in the style of the decor. The sheen of the cabinet doors, which are embellished with huge mirrors and gold, is impressive.

master dress room by Modenese Luxury Interiors  in modern classic style


The dressing room’s bright and beautiful interior design by Modenese Luxury Interiors underlines the property owners’ excellent taste. The interior design is a modern classic with art-deco touches. A reasonably sized rectangular space was allotted for the design inside of the dressing room. The middle portion of the ceiling was embellished with gold leaf gilding. The color scheme in Modenese Luxury Interiors’s dressing room interior is presented from the pleasant beige tone of natural wood to softly honey tints, giving this space a vibrant character with warm touches.

The magnificent floor in the dressing room interior is constructed of natural stone — marble with delicate lovely patterns that promote the sensations of warmth, tranquility, and relaxation. Exquisite spot lights with a gold finish and elegant plaster design adorn the ceiling.

The boudoir zone with built-in make-up table is particularly remarkable and serves as a zoning feature in the dressing room, which is outfitted with excellent Italian factory furniture. Gold-plated hardware gives a charming touch to the area and wonderfully complements all of this breezy elegance.

A traditional dressing room with gold patina exudes flair, grace, and unrivaled taste. Modenese Luxury Interiors Company designers tackled the implementation of the customer’s ideas with skill and delivered a well-thought-out design proposal. Each ornamental detail of the dressing room contributes to the classics’ natural sophistication and elegance.

The exclusivity of any classic dressing room is unmistakable. This is owing to the wide range of furniture and fit-out options employed by our professional designers to decorate it. Everything has an easy chic, designer taste, and deliberate layout: the choice of fit-out materials, lighting sources, and hue combinations. Everything indicates that a custom-made dressing room is a suitable choice for ladies of all social statuses.


The abundance of light, spaciousness, and light color furnishings are the first things that attract the eye in this magnificent dressing room by Modenese Luxury Interiors. Overall, a lovely mix of white and peach hues was achieved, lending the area a distinctive softness, femininity, and warmth. Properly chosen lighting has a significant impact on the interior of the dressing room as well as its use. Designers took this issue seriously and employed a large number of spotlights embedded into the ceiling panels around the whole circumference of the dressing area to provide nice and bright illumination.

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