Dream Home Design by Modenese Interiors

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two most well-known for their grandiose architectural images. Official representatives of the Modenese Luxury Interiors studio are present. These cities now house the most innovative and forward-thinking construction and design solutions. It’s fantastic to understand that we’re a part of this wonderful and fascinating project of establishing a new art history. It is a wonderful privilege to work on the hotel, private house, and luxury apartment projects. This post on the site, which we developed for Abu Dhabi penthouse owners, lifts the lid on intriguing interior history.

Abu Dhabi’s initiative is a highly fascinating and daring move. In addition to the enormous residential and commercial parts of the facility, the height of the project, which will consist of five towers, will reach 75 stories and will be visible from up to sixty kilometers away from Abu Dhabi. The latest technology employed in the building’s construction will be included in the functionality itself by all the aspects of the structure, allowing us to declare that this is a true flight into the future for the magnificent Abu Dhabi.

Our firm is currently designing commercial offices, retail facilities, and residential residences in Abu Dhabi. One of the penthouse design projects is nearing completion, and we can tell you about the most beautiful and exciting moments in premium real estate design.

Of course, we will continue to claim that the house is a mirror of its owner. This unbreakable law underpins all of our concepts. When the aesthetic perfection of the interior entirely conforms to the owners’ conceptions of beauty, this is the only method to create an ideal outcome.

The maximal openness of the areas was one of the project’s features. Except for the bedrooms and toilets, all rooms are a single unit. Please keep in mind that the entrance door to the penthouse is situated such that upon entering the house, you will be greeted with the stunning dining room. This is the ideal approach to highlight the owners’ friendliness and kindness. The arch unfolds to reveal a lovely image of a large living room and dining area.

But first, let’s return to the hall and look at the interior design in greater detail. The fact that in the penthouse design project, a space that was initially planned for the corridor was given to the living room area to make it broader and more spacious. And the entry gateway was embellished with a little, but an opulent prelude to the gorgeous interior history in the shape of a small hall with an arch. Lacy patterns on the marble floor reflect the curls of the ceiling stucco décor. The mirror effect, which is always a win-win technique to enhance space, is formed by two consoles with mirrors in carved gilt frames. Under the light of the magnificent crystal chandelier, a pearl shade of silk wallpaper on the wall décor shimmers with shimmering brilliance. And this is only the start. The big event is about to begin.

The fact that clients acquired exclusive real estate in Abu Dhabi’s most sophisticated and gorgeous structure says volumes about their high status. The Modenese Luxury Interiors Studio designers were tasked with emphasizing this position by augmenting it with information about the penthouse owners’ sense of style and appreciation of beauty.

The big living area was split into three zones by the designers. The living room, which is elevated on a low pedestal, is directly on the right side of the entry and furnished with fine Italian furniture. Designers utilize décor elements such as an elegant column with golden stucco to unify the geometry of the space. The magnificent décor of the column with crystal and gold incrustations lends the room a solemnity as well as an elegant elegance.

The living room’s interior has an expressive character as a result of a good combination of furniture, drapes, and wall decor. The soft blue silk upholstery of the furniture complemented the blue marble on the floor flawlessly. Certain neutrality of colors is preserved in the wall décor to emphasize the more saturated design of draperies and decor objects.

The living room and dining area share a wide space with a magnificent Persian carpet and comfy sofas with silk white upholstery. A pleasing palette of light hues generates a wave of distinct connections with ease and freshness. The carpet complements the floor’s big carved marble design with the form of a regular geometric circle.

So we went to eat in the dining room. A lovely ten-person furniture set matched in wonderfully with the decor. The décor of the table legs is based on the upholstery of soft chairs made of silk velvet with a lovely quilted duck. The gleaming white marble mirrors the beautiful décor of the walls and ceiling. If the ceiling in the dining room is adorned with a smooth snow-white surface, the ceiling in the living room is adorned around the perimeter with curls of stucco molding, the play of light and shade which absolutely amazes.

Buying top real estate is always a somber occasion, always a festival. And the designers of Modenese Luxury Interiors have designed an environment that will keep this lovely festive feeling alive for many years.

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