Spectacular Villa Design – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Modenese Luxury Interiors is an interior design firm. Custom-made furniture production and installation services are available in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and include classic and modern kitchens, closets, dressing room furniture, living room furniture, children’s room furniture, bathroom furniture, and office furniture. Custom furniture is created by Italian designers and artisans to your requirements and demands. We can also make furniture from your ideas, sketches, or photographs. Custom-made furniture allows us to choose the most important design, colors, fittings, and materials for your future furniture, as well as actualize viable and even impossible ideas. Custom-made furniture built in Italy offers a considerable advantage over mass-produced furniture. Modenese Luxury Interiors will assist in the selection of the future product’s style, color, proportions, and equipment, while keeping in mind the harmonic connection with the surrounding interior. Quality and comfort are the primary goals of our turnkey Interior Design projects in Jeddah!

Bespoke Italian Furniture For Elegant Kitchen Project

Classic is also trustworthy since it is made of high-quality materials, and it is practical because it requires thought in order to last millennia. Because the kitchen is the room with the most useful purpose, kitchen furniture is generally made of wood, preferably hardwoods such as oak, ash, maple, hornbeam, and beech. Today, there are many materials available that are appropriate for traditional kitchen design photos. The primary material is wood, and the color scheme is dominated by basic white and cream tones. Because they are created in the traditional style, these kitchens are excellent for generating an environment of harmony and comfort. The style is defined by bright colors, smart light furniture and flooring, complex patterns, big windows in delicate frames, porcelain tableware and décor. Light-colored furniture with glass and wood accents.

High-End Kitchen Design Idea

People who cherish affluent confidence and refined taste will be drawn to the traditional luxury kitchen in classic design and polished elegance. Traditional kitchen furniture is built of wood and quality upholstery materials, with curved tables, chairs, and cupboards. This room might benefit from finishing materials such as veneer or expensive washable wallpaper with a floral or geometric pattern. Curbs, panels, mouldings, or boiserie: wood panels may be used to decorate the walls of a traditional kitchen – this is a luxury kitchen option. This wall decoration will give your kitchen a touch of elegance! Classical kitchen design by Modenese Luxury Interiors – is a sumptuous high-end environment created by combining beauty and quality with a well-thought-out interior.

Luxury Arabic Majlis Interior Design

Traditional Arabic Majlis Interior Design is one of the best interior designs for luxury homes in Jeddah. The magnificent cultural traditions of the East are linked with kindness and charity. And the Majlis design brilliantly emphasizes the owner’s friendliness. A Majlis’ interior design incorporates both classical and oriental features.

Majlis interior design relies heavily on furniture. In this location, homeowners and their guests should feel at peace. Many soft couches and armchairs have handcrafted carved designs inlaid. To make this image more expressive and beautiful, the interior designers selected coffee tables with carved legs. This emphasis emphasizes the house’s dignity.

Amazing Majlis Design For Villa in Jeddah

The Luxury Majlis in Jeddah in the classic style by Modenese Luxury Interiors is defined by harmony, symmetry, and the use of only natural and high-quality materials. Furniture, finishing materials, color palette, decorations, and accessories are all influenced. When designing a Luxury Majlis, keep in mind that this style of décor, while costly, dislikes crowds. Too many details or accessories might be inappropriate. Everything must be powerful and respectable here, and every detail, no matter how minor, is carefully picked, since it is the details that form the broader image.

Aside from wood, walls may be treated in a variety of ways. The emphasis is on quality and texture rather than bright color. Another option is to use pastel-colored paint to adorn the walls. Moldings and other bulky components are acceptable. If the room is large enough, columns and half-columns might be added to create the illusion of a truly great castle.

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