Luxury House Design in Bahrain

Keep in mind that the house should not only be attractive but also stand out from the crowd. Fashion is brighter and more individualistic than it has ever been. Along with the fact that many interior styles and combinations are currently fashionable, each house design from Elite Interior Design Studio Modenese Luxury Interiors becomes a vivid expression of the present day and real works of architectural art. We built a one-of-a-kind new construction project for our customer by working within the framework of a given architectural idea. Façade design and interior design of the villa design in Bahrain were conceptualized, developed, and implemented by interior design firm Modenese Luxury Interiors. This particular villa plan is a one-of-a-kind example created specifically for the future owner of real estate in Bahrain.

Luxury classic villa in Bahrain, bespoke hand made furniture from Italy. Italian craftsmanship, top quality interiors. Best interior design service.

Classic Interior Design For Villa in Bahrain

The living room interior is decorated in a traditional style with oriental approaches. It’s the living room, where the family gathers together. The sofas are draped on the softest blue and velvet silk and complemented with soft pillows with blue inserts. Interior design firms in Bahrain are increasingly turning to conventional ways of elite interior design. The tiered niche on the ceiling optically extends the living room’s height. The interior designers enhanced this illusion by lighting. The magnificent crystal chandeliers in the classical style accentuate all over the ceiling.

We use three major ideas to design the ideal interior:

  • Colors, textures, and materials are all combined in a pleasing way.
  • The ideal layout for your room
  • Using high-end materials
Luxury living room furniture set. High-quality of upholstery.Bespoke interior design project and artisanal furniture production. Refined baroque majestic solid wood living room home decoration.

Classic Luxury Furniture For House Design in Bahrain

The cornerstone of a fantastic picture of the main room in the house is living room decoration. When deciding on the interior design of the living room, its necessary to think of the utility of the modern technologies, as well as their harmonic interplay in the space. A living room’s interior is organized around a central point. Harmonious decorating of the upholstered furniture and windows by the best interior designers from Modenese Luxury Interiors. Silk velvet sofas and chairs in a beautiful red color palette. Colorful silk pillows beautifully adorn the sofas. White marble on the floor contrasts beautifully with coffee tables made of precious wood species. The carved décor is gilt and encrusted on them. A small coffee table with an attractive white covering is placed next to the sofas for convenience.

Bespoke classic furniture of high standards and top quality made in Italy. Precious Italian fabrics accurately selected by Modenese Luxury Interiors.

Brilliant Sitting Room Idea

The house technics must be well integrated with the concept and interior design. Otherwise, your home theatre or stereo system may appear to be alien components among other things that are in harmony. Hidden placement of house technics was used to avoid breaking the style of national, ethnic, or historical living room concepts. In this scenario, sound components are located in the interior, but visual components, such as the screen, are housed in a closed cabinet. If required, the screen is pulled aside or the door is opened. The technical equipment of the sitting room includes not only components intended to entertain but also devices whose primary function is to produce a comfortable interior environment.

Bespoke interior design project and artisanal furniture production. Sohptisticated classic design of luxury sofas set for living room.

Classic Furniture Set For Living Room

The traditional living room is always distinct in appearance since it is designed by the designer rather than a robot. Dyeing, varnish, woodcarving, and gold leaf or silver leaf coating are all done by hand, not on machines, so there may be a difference. In Italy, it is valued since customers get a product that is distinct from one another. Italian hand made furniture by Modenese Luxury Interiors decorate the most luxurious interiors. It will become a family heritage and will delight more than one generation of the family.The presence of these classic magnificent pieces of furniture is a source of pride for any reputable home.

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