Home Cinema

The unique atmosphere of true comfort and pleasure in a home cinema is guaranteed by upholstered Italian furniture peculiarly designed by Modenese Luxury Interiors. Our home cinema interiors combine all the attributes of elegant sofas and advanced technology of the latest generation to ensure the maximum level of entertainment. Such a relaxing and amazing pleasure as a home cinema could take its place in the private interiors of city apartments, residential royal palaces or villas. This is usually a separate room or a dedicated area in the living room, where a large screen professionally selected by designers, with brilliant acoustics and well-designed home theatre furniture provide proper comfort and pure relaxation.

Classical Italian armchairs and sofas for luxury home theatre projects are exclusively designed and produced by Modenese team of specialists and craftsmen, able to satisfy all desires of our customers. Special relax mechanisms and many adjustments allow you to easily and quickly set a comfortable backrest, fix the headrest in the right position or adapt built-in footrest or turn the recliner into a comfortable horizontal couch.
Our home cinema furniture represent a magnificent combination of sophisticated interiors and high-end technology so you can enjoy a great experience of comfort, whenever desired. As all other collections branded Modenese Interiors, also these furniture dedicated to home theatre are completely customizable in terms of finish, fabrics and design. They can easily fit within the layout of a specific project in order to meet each customer’s needs.

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