Elegant Interior Design for villa in Astana – Kazakhstan

Furniture for the living room should complement the general design of the area, be produced in the same color scheme, and represent the interests and preferences of the home’s owners.

It is critical that furniture design considers all ergonomic requirements while maintaining visual attractiveness, and that it is also paired with diverse interior objects and accessories. It would be ideal if the console in your living room could fit a TV or sound system in short, all of the contemporary technology required to create the desired ambiance.

The couch is also an essential piece of living room furniture; the family spends the majority of their leisure time on it. As a result, it must be of good quality and have an appealing design.

Gorgeous Staircase Design Idea

The beautiful classical staircase has become the mansion’s compositional axis. The huge staircase appears light and elegant, with light marble steps.

The traditional design of the staircase is wonderfully blended with the rococo design. Fences are made using creative forging throughout the manufacturing process. Free parts of fence are also adorned with flowers and lace. Metal or wood are the materials utilized. The design is curved as well as straight.

Superb Dining Room Design Idea

The design possibilities are determined by the arrangement. The dining room can be separate or linked with another room, such as a living room, a kitchen, or both functional spaces at the same time.

A dining room and a seating area with a sofa and armchairs in one place will necessitate additional space. In this scenario, the dining room’s décor and design organically merge into the interior of the living room, highlighting the stylistic harmony. You may define logical boundaries using ornamental barriers, accent colors, and multi-level lighting. A soft carpet in the dining area is a simple method to draw attention to it.

Lavish Interior Design Idea by Modenese Gastone Interiors

The traditional style adores empty spaces. Nonetheless, its design is suitable for tiny rooms. The designer’s primary objective in this situation will be to visually enhance the space of the room using color design and mirrors.

In classic interior design, you rarely see overtly bright colors. White and pastel hues, as well as light gray, beige and chocolate, golden and bronze tints, distinguish this style.
We are ready to create your perfect interior with our professionals’ author’s imagination, a pleasant place to live.

Classic High-End Kitchen Design

Classics never go out of style, never lose their relevance, and are always a sign of refined taste. As a result, a classic-style kitchen is a basic but sensible option that allows you to combine vital features of this area such as utility, style, and comfort.

This design is ideal for large kitchens because it allows you to show off all of the richness and beauty of the elements.

The combination of beige and brown has long been the most popular choice for kitchen decoration. Because these colors have a vast variety of tones that may be effectively blended with one another, designers have an almost limitless amount of creative freedom.

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