Dining Tables

In ornamental traditional furniture there are not many styles that attract as much attention as Italian dining set furniture. Exclusive luxury dining tables by Modenese Luxury Interiors have an important attribute of premium quality and beautiful design. The perfect expression of elegance and artisanal production combined in a timeless harmony represents the refined collection of our classic dining tables, 100% handmade in Italy by skilled wood craftsmen.

All Modenese dining tables are custom-designed to bring luxury and unequaled sophistication to your spaces: it does not matter whether the requested shape is round, oval, square, rectangular, or molded. Adding some personalized handmade paintings or decorations, marquetry or inlays will just complete your majestic dining table. We only use solid wood and high-end materials to produce exquisite bespoke pieces of furniture intended for your royal palace project. The Modenese luxury supplier will always turn your tasteful ideas into reality.

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