Bright Accents House Interior Design in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

In order for these efforts to be enjoyable and produce exceptionally happy emotions, the Modenese Luxury Interiors team employs its special working method. It is tremulous attention to the client, the mandatory uniqueness of the proposed ideas, the impeccable quality of the finished product, and the accuracy of compliance with all terms.

In this blog post, we’d like to introduce a fresh design idea for a luxurious residence in Mecca. The apartment’s prosperous owners have great taste, are aware of current trends in fashion, and like improvising with their own personal style. The studio’s designers expertly blended classic and Art Deco styles to accomplish their vision of a one-of-a-kind interior that would not resemble any other.

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Colour Design For Home

Every interior design undertaking by the Modenese Luxury Interiors Studio tells a fresh tale of the warmth, beauty, and comfort of home.

The story’s exquisite and unrestricted corridor design was turned into an epilog. As work on the building progressed, a little renovation was suggested, and a portion of the spacious hall was set aside for the living room. As a result, it was necessary to construct a tiny portion of the corridor so that it could begin to seem luxurious and comfortable. Marble is a common material used in the design of upscale interiors. Designers provide a unique charm of beauty and sophistication by combining it with carved decorations.

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Elegent Italian Furniture For House Interior

The interior designer improvises with materials, textures, colors, and lighting in a fascinating way. The living room appears very calming and harmonious because to the variety of the materials and design used. The original three-dimensional panel of silvery white was the focal point of the living area. Elegant Italian furniture blends seamlessly into the theme. The opulent onyx panel with lights has given the fireplace, a symbol of the warmth of the home, a unique beauty. Beautiful natural carpets with unique adornment in the shape of a natural stone pattern complete the light parquet flooring.

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Gorgeous Living Room Decoration

Traditionally, the designer will employ the ceiling decoration to zone the room. It is divided into narrow expressive lines and deep nooks that are both illuminated and gilded. The apartment’s area has a serious and noble shine thanks to the abundance of tidy crystal chandeliers in the classical style.

The eating area has been given a room in the flat that is big enough. There is a sizable dining table in front of the enormous panoramic windows, which are draped in opulent ash-blue silk. Tall, plush chairs with a noble air surround him. 18 people can be seated here with ease to socialize and enjoy meals in opulent surroundings.

Italian handmade interiors. Bespoke interior design project and artisanal furniture production

Color Palette For The Luxury House

We make use of contrasting contrasts in our luxury house ideas. Window frames and light walls create a sleek, contemporary effect. Such combinations look amazing against a background of a beautiful blue sky and vegetation. You might use a variety of vibrant cushions to add contrasting color.
Bright details for the mansion. The new model house has light color.

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