Úžasný design interiéru domu v Dubaji, SAE

V tomto krásném projektu domu se naši designéři rozhodli pro tradiční, elegantně střídmou estetiku. Ta je založena na precizním ztvárnění rozmanitých vzorů i správných geometrických formách a tvarech. K vytvoření tohoto elegantně tradičního prostředí jsme potřebovali hodně otevřeného prostoru. Ve výsledku působí opulentně a znamenitě. Úspěšně jsme zde integrovali pohodlí, krásu a styl: sofistikované dekorační předměty poskytují luxusní prostředí pro rodinná setkání a koktejlové večírky, jemné odstíny a harmonizující povrchová úprava pomáhají vytvořit lehkou a uvolněnou náladu.

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High-quality classic furnishing from Modenese Luxury Interiors

The furniture, which includes spectacular and elegant sofa sets in a stunning beige color, coffee tables made of natural wood, and decorative moldings, forms the room’s compositional center.Living room in a classic style is the perfect idea. The traditional concept of beauty endures. There is an underlying lightness and elegance, quality, and richness here. High-quality standards are consistently followed in everything by Modenese Luxury Interiors.

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Cozy Living Room in Classic Style

The foundation of classic interior design is delicate pastel colors. Our team of interior designers in this living room made the decision to finish the walls and ceiling in a beige and cream color scheme, combining it with golden accents and stucco moldings. It helped us in establishing a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere in this living area. However, the accent pieces are also composed of furniture. Luxury upholstery furniture made in Italy perfectly complements the interior of the room, draws attention to the advantages of the space.

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Exquisite Dining Room Design

For this project’s design, we stuck with calming, neutral tones. The dining room should be decorated in soothing tones and colors. Our designers chose a marble that is light in color, nearly white, with lovely delicate inclusions of dark patterns for the floor ornamentation.

These tones, along with milder milky and sandy hues, are frequently used in furniture design. Our group decided on a similar color scheme for the drapes that serve as the dining room’s textile décor. Plasterboard structures in a delectably creamy color and exquisite stucco molding in the same color tone cover the area above the ceiling. Just have a look at this astonishing and stunning chandelier! It incorporates elements of the art-deco style, which is regarded as being very aesthetic.

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Elegant High-End House Decorating

The overall appearance and functioning of every home are influenced by a variety of factors that are combined to form interior design. It is crucial that every element—color, filling, and lighting—work together to create a unified, cohesive image. Our designers at Modenese Luxury Interiors have all the engineering and creative know-how necessary to produce a quality project. A design project requires a variety of tasks, including the creation of schemes, plans, drawings, and three-dimensional pictures.

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